'Live While We're Young': One Direction Records Acoustic Cover (VIDEO)

UPDATE: After this story was published, it was revealed that the cover art is fake. It was created by a fan site, which has since admitted to fabricating the cover.

Need some One Direction news to tide you over until their sophomore album Take Me Home drops on November 13? On Friday, the band released the title and cover art for their next single, "Little Things." Although the song hasn't hit the airwaves yet, we do know one tidbit: The single was penned by 1D's good friend, Ed Sheeran.

Scroll down to view the full cover.

In September, Sheeran spilled a few details about the song to MTV. "It was written about the best things of someone, kind of like the things you wouldn't expect. You'll have to hear it."

The inspiration behind the song remains a mystery, but one theory is that the lyrics are about Ed Sheeran's former girlfriend. "I had a wicked girlfriend at 17… She was great. Actually my + album is pretty much about her. So, she spawned off a lot of songs," Sheeran told MTV.

The "Little Things"' cover art features the One Direction boys clad in matching tones of white, blue, and brown. Zayn Malik stands out as the visual focus in the center.

In other 1D news, last week the boys appeared on UK radio station In Demand to give a live acoustic performance of "Live While We're Young." The rendition isn't without the band's signature cheekiness. During the opening lines, Liam Payne replaces the words "window down" with "window cleaner" as the rest of the boys chuckle. Check out the video above to hear it for yourself.

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