Live Your Life, Love Your Life... Carpe Diem!

I must confess I could care less what others think of me. Fun keeps me alive and kicking! As a college student someone once remarked "he marches to the beat of his own drum." Heck, I keep a personal band on hand.

I like to have fun. How about you?


Much is written in the media about politicians altering actions as their tenure in office comes to an end. The word "legacy" is often bandied about. They want to ensure theirs will be a positive one.

Live by your moral code and never worry or be stressed how you will be remembered by history--or much more important--your loved ones.

Thinking about Moments Not Milestones here's what comes to mind. All your moments accrue and become a part of the milestones you achieve in life. These milestones then become the building blocks of your legacy.

So in reality living in the moment allows you to create a legacy without the effort of taking continual action to ensure it will be one of which you will be proud.

This doesn't mean you aren't an active participant in crafting your life. Quite the contrary. The key however is acceptance not judgment.

Living life spontaneously there will always be times you wish your behavior had been different.

Examining your responses you might think, "Gee if I had it to do over again I would have handled it in another manner."

Great! It's a sign of a responsible human being recognizing you'd like to change a particular behavior or outcome.

Self-correction is incredibly productive and life affirming. It's only when you attach accusation or guilt to a thought or action that it loses its potency as a transformative influence.

Introspection is a valuable tool that sends out an alert when you've responded or acted in a way that may or may not be in alignment with your belief system. When you are cognizant of what's happening at a given moment a world of opportunity opens.

Introspection is great -- rumination is destructive.

Practicing Mind Acrobatics, mindfulness, meditation and other methods of "being in touch" with yourself allows for the development of a sixth sense. Basically it's the ability to recognize a positive or challenging experience on which you might ponder a moment. It's a bit like an auto-alert!

What you don't want to do is constantly focus inwardly and evaluate and judge all your behaviors.

Have faith that by "walking the talk" you will usually end up headed in the right direction.Consequently you won't find the need to continually second guess all your actions.

Are there times you might wish a different approach had been taken or you had just kept you lips sealed -- sure. Should you castigate yourself, no! Simply move on with the resolve to handle things differently the next time.

The bottom line is that living in the moment as an introspective individual doesn't require constant self-questioning. It's more of a systemic awareness of what's occurring inside and possessing the faith that important victories and challenges will make themselves known.

Live your life as you deem fit. Proudly carry your drum and pound on it at will. As you follow your own path you'll be filled with less stress, worry, self-doubt, recrimination and fear of being judged. Life will be a pleasurable adventure.

Don't worry about what others think and dare to be "different." It's stimulating, fun and rewarding.

Now go out and carpe diem!

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