Liveblogging Glenn Beck's 9-12 D.C. Parade Signage

Glenn Beck's army of xenophobic zombies have taken to the streets of D.C. to protest everything that has happened since the black guy became president.
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As I joked this morning on Twitter about Glenn Beck's 9-12 DC March, I got this tweet:

@diggrbiii @johnennis That's right. With every comment you expose your bitterness and desperation. I'm giving you advice. Keep quiet today. #tcot

This encouraged a day of live-blogging Glenn Beck's 9-12 event on my site, I was specifically challenging early boasts by the attendees that there were over 1 million in attendance, which was later confirmed to be around 50,000-60,000.

Glenn Beck's army of xenophobic zombies took to the streets of D.C. to protest everything that has happened since the black guy became president. Not the Bush deficits, just the ones Obama would make if he offered health care to citizens. Not all government intervention--the intervention into stopping gays marrying and women from having abortions is fine. They're supposedly protesting both political parties, but sure seem to support Republican Rep. Joe Wilson for acting like a drunkard in Congress, and sure seem to blame the Democrats for everything...the GOP not so much.

These pictures effectively capture this scene as a convention of disaffected, disoriented hot heads who have grabbed onto every grievance, real or imagined, since Obama took office. BIG PROPS to Stephanie Taylor for braving the scene to document the depths, and shout out again to The Political Carnival.

Isn't there a law against making threats against the President? MY BAD, just the white ones, the laws need updating still.

See? Nothing but secular, rational, non-fear mongering civil discourse, focusing on facts and positive steps for our country.

This boy is clearly well aware as to what McCarthyism is, and clearly got himself there on his own free will, with his own unbiased opinions not any misinformation being drilled into him by the older generation. Zero.

This sign urges us to forgo thoughts, speech, actions, and instead jump on the one-word bandwagon of indiscriminate discrimination. Judge on!

Once again, some secular, non-hysterical speculation rooted in reason, logic, and tolerance, proudly displayed.

More proof that these people don't know their history or vocabulary: Is it worth explaining to this guy that the USSR was founded to OVERTHROW czars, and that the number he is suggesting is literally "ZERO"? Or that, more recently, republican presidents have had more "czars" than Obama?

See? With devil horns and a goatee, that proves he is evil, like the devil Satan! Who needs thoughts, reasons, details, accurate media reports, or a mind that isn't sealed shut when you can SEE he has pointy horns on?! Besides, evil is bad.

If it looks big & scary and it sounds like a play on words it must be right.

"A watered down effort to offer some form of government health allowance with concessions to insurance companies, big pharma, and lobbyists is equivalent to genocidal efforts to breed other types of people out of existence. Also, Hitler and the Joker are scary, therefore Obama is also scary, because his image is herein composite with their images."

Okay. (Deep breath.) If you do not know how to spell it, how do you know you are using the term correctly, or really know what you are talking about?

"And I rigged up this little string, see? So we can all yell at him...You LIE!"

A motif of the day appears to be a defiance of irony: Here, a woman is scared of the New World Order, nearly two decades after President George Bush Sr. declared it.

Someone seems to have taken a theater class, and wants to show it off with clearly thoughtful allusions to Shakespeare and Phantom of the Opera. Because this masked man lied us into war. Right? Or is it he's lying about what he's going to do? And you know his real intention because...Glenn Beck is also a playwright?

This man means business, and not just because of that belt buckle: he is a two-fisted sign holder, one with details and solutions like "Health Care/Private Sector," and the other which says that Obama is not just guilty of treason, he IS treason. In case you did not understand the logo "=" means "equals," this kind man has made it even simpler for you by adding that in careful scrawl. Pretty smart!

Terri Schiavo? Isn't she the woman whose final wishes for her health care were intruded upon by activist state and federal government officials trying to grandstand their beliefs, despite many court rulings and husband's wishes?

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