Liver Pudding

We had a fun show this morning. A nice sized house, and people were there to have a good time. Afterward, we quickly change clothes and put my costumes back in our flat, in order to see a 1:05 P.M. production of Styx, (venue 53) a new play by Angus Yelllowlees, with an original score by Tony McHugh. Styx is a comedy-drama about a stranger in town who accidentally murders someone.

There were quite a few laughs and a fun set-up, but bugger it all, the show started late (which almost never happens), and I had signed up for a playwriting workshop at Fringe Central 2. Glenn was left to see the end of the play and tell me how it all turned out. I wasn't the only one who left before it was finished. Everyone tries to fit a lot in each day, so you often schedule seeing shows close together in order to pack a lot in. Usually it works out. Today? Not so much.

I was able to walk to Fringe Central 2 in time for my 2 P.M. workshop and I'm so glad I got to be there. There was a lot of laughing involved. The workshop was entitled Going There! And it was taught by Robert Softley Gale and Johnny McKnight, the director and writer of Wendy Hoos, which is playing at the Assembly Rooms, venue 20.

The workshop touched on boundaries, political correctness, rage and untidy endings. The writing exercises weren't always easy. In that, we were delving into some uncomfortable subject matter. But that's often where you can excavate some very interesting ideas. It's astounding to me that more Fringe participants don't avail themselves of these classes. They are free to participants. The ones that are full up, take waiting lists and even if the class is 'sold out', I've showed up and still gotten a seat without a ticket.

It was a 2 hour workshop, so I've only seen one play today. And taken one workshop. And performed Macaroni on a Hotdog, and handed out flyers to advertise Macaroni on a Hotdog, had a professional development meeting at the Summerhall venue,with a lovely woman who is also a playwright/producer. She devoted 45 minutes to advising me how I might look for an independent producer in order to tour Macaroni on a Hotdog in the UK. Lots of valuable career advice.

A conversation on the Royal Mile while flyering, between myself and a rowdy group of 14 year old Scottish girls, who giggled to no end over the photo on my postcards.

Girl #1: What's the groom's name then?

Me: Erik

Girl #2: Erik better be treatin' ye right!

Girl #3: He better be treatin' ye right, or I'll be sortin' him out. Grrr!

Then they flexed a few arm muscles, to let me know they had the strength to back up their boast, and smiles were traded all round.

There is a proliferation of Rat Pack era shows in 2015. Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, they, (and that era) have a big presence.

There are 4 productions of Titus Andronicus, and I've heard really good things about the one that features an all female cast. Shakespeare in general is very well represented here. With more than one production of many of the titles in his canon and many new plays that either spoof his works, or use his words as a springboard.

A conversation between myself and Glenn this morning.

Glenn: Did you know there's milk in the fridge?

Me: No

Glenn: You picked it out. But I think you were pretty jet-lagged.

Me: Oh

Glenn: You were pretty insistent.

Me: Maybe I thought we'd make something with it. It's been so chilly, we should get a box of pudding or something, to use the milk up.

Glenn: Careful -- they have different ideas of pudding here.

Me: How about a nice liver pudding?

Well. . . .we laughed. I guess you had to be there.

In our Edinburgh dormitory flat, the toilet paper supplied for us, is selected by what grit it is. I'm pretty sure ours is medium, although the package doesn't give me a clue.