Living a Visionary Life

"Where there is no vision, the people perish."--Proverbs 29:18

Within you is a destiny waiting to be born. You're here to make a unique and valuable contribution to the evolution of humanity.

Look at nature. Everything serves a purpose. Everything is connected to a larger system that allows the whole to operate in harmony. Everything is, in some way, a response to a need.

You're no different.

You came into this world as an answer to a prayer, a solution to a problem. The fact that you were born is the guarantee that you have a reason for being here, a gift to give, a message to deliver. The world needs you to be you.

In order for this purpose to emerge, however, you must tap into the vision for your life.

But what is a vision? Where does it come from? And how do you access it?

We often think of a vision as something that foretells the future, but that's prophecy or prediction. And because both of those are only probabilities based on the current direction of your thought, they can always be changed.

In most self-help teachings, a vision is thought of as something we willfully create based on what we believe will fulfill us. But that's imagination and is inherently limited, since imagination is rooted in what's already known.

True vision can neither be created nor changed, because it's part of the changeless fabric of Ultimate Reality, the realm of perfect prototypes or "ideal forms" as Plato put it.

And true vision is not a product of the imagination; it comes from a place beyond the mind, beyond experience, and reveals something that has never quite happened before. It may be temporarily obscured the way the sun is on a cloudy day--but like the sun, true vision is always shining, waiting for you to pierce the weather of your mind and let its warmth and vitalizing power into your life.

A true vision is not a picture of what will be in the future; it's a realization of what is in the timeless dimension of your consciousness. Your tomorrow is an extension of God's today.

Think of it like standing above an ant as it travels across the ground toward a potato chip, which the ant can't see because it's obscured by a hill. From the ant's point of view, the vision of lunch is in its future, but from yours, it's in the present. The ant, the journey, and the potato chip are all here now.

The same is true for your vision; from a larger perspective, it's already happening.

What's more, the vision is not static; it's transformational. As you allow it to infuse you with its energy and rhythms, it changes you from the inside out, stretching and reshaping you, accelerating your growth and expansion. As you begin to see that everything you're waiting, working, or hoping for in the future is already here now, within you, it challenges and changes the way you think, feel, and act in virtually every area of your life.

You begin to break your dependence on external conditions and rely more on inner ones that you have control over. You move from getting things to fill yourself up to letting more of your infinite Self out. You stop trying to make it happen and instead make it welcome, through developing a deeper connection to this inner seed of potential and cultivating the soil of your soul for new growth.

This is the foundation for real vision - and establishing it activates the first stage of the Law of Emergence.

If your life wasn't a reaction to the world, but a deep response of your soul; if you knew you were supported and guaranteed success in being your authentic self, what would you do, who would you be, and how would you show up in the world?

Contemplate the true nature of your vision this month and set the intention to see it more clearly and commit to it more fully than ever before!

I'll be joining you in that field of possibility.

To Your Emergence!

Derek Rydall

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