"Living Architecture" Reception for Frank Gehry

Architect Frank Gehry Attends Reception for "Living Architecture" Publication

Jon Platt held a reception for Frank Gehry yesterday at his private residence, celebrating the publication of Living Architecture: Greatest American Houses of the 20th Century by Dominique Browning & Lucy Gilmour. Platt's residence was designed by Gehry and is featured in Living Architecture. The Platts, Prosper Assouline, founder of Assouline Books, Shelley Benjamin, the interior designer of the house, Marwan Al-Sayed, architect of House of Earth + Light, and writer Dominique Browning were among the guests who joined Frank Gehry for the celebration of the book's publication.

Frank Gehry

"Living Architecture" Reception for Frank Gehry

All photos by Alex J. Berliner.

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