Why You Are Living A Better Life If Others Are In It

Find Out How Your Friends And Family Might Be Helping You Live Longer

It’s a fuller life when we have other people in it. It’s a healthier and longer one, too. Have you ever noticed how much better you feel when you have other people around you? Well, you do. Some studies suggest that thanks to their social nature, extroverts build stronger immune systems that are more equipped to fight off infection -- likely due to their increased exposure to others’ germs -- which means they literally feel better because of their interactions.

If it starts with a stronger immune system, in what other ways can our lives be better or healthier simply by building relationships with others? In partnership with Abbott, we are figuring out the health rewards of companionship and what we sacrifice by isolating ourselves from others.

Abbott is asking a million people what a full life means to them. Join them and share your story at http://www.lifetothefullest.abbott/. Abbott makes innovative products and technologies that help people live not just longer, but better, through the power of health. For more than 125 years, Abbott has helped people keep their hearts healthy, nourish their bodies at every stage of life, see more clearly, and have access to information and medicines to manage their health.

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