Living in Sin? The confusion of Being Gay.

I'm confused. Until the Supreme Court ruled, I knew I was living in sin because my partner and I aren't married, though we have talked about it. Anyway, we live in California and could have but, somehow, we haven't gotten around to it. Still, it was comforting to know that Christians called us sinners, although that was based on what we do in bed, I think, or maybe what we don't do? Or whom we don't do it with? Or maybe that was part of the problem...? That someone felt left out?

But now that Marriage Equality is legal, I hear that God-fearing Christian couples, duly wed in the eyes of the law, are rushing to get divorced since they think marriage has been taken over by The Gay. Okay, I get it that maybe these soon-to-be technically single people may not like each other any more... But what if they do? Then wouldn't they be sinners if they weren't married but were living together...? Wasn't that what the Gays were doing to get Christians so heated up? That's what I thought... which is why they didn't want us to invade God's law about marriage being for one man and one woman, never mind all those polygamous cultures because- hey!- they were (let's face it) dark people and we shouldn't have to worry about them.

I'm still confused though I'm trying to work this out. Am I more sinful if my partner and I stay single? Or if we get married? Which way is badder? Or is just living sinful enough? If so, are Christians who used to be married but are now getting single suggesting we should die? Or be turned to salt? If so, what should happen to them if they live in sin? Do they get to be salt, too? Or some other Biblically-approved spice? If so, which one? Are the gays allowed to know so that we don't try it? After all, if we tried it, we might like it in which case, gosh, all bets could be off.

I'd appreciate some help here. There are sins I know I shouldn't do before marriage. And sins I shouldn't do during marriage. And sins for being single. And gay. And sins for being married and gay. But while I'd be the last to cast the first stone, what am I to make of Christians who said I was sinful because you have to be married to have sex (and God said that marriage is between one man and one woman) when they are planning to divorce and might go on having sex, either with the person they were married to, and still living with, which is a sin, or with someone else without being married, which is another sin? And does this mean that there won't be any more babies except from sinful Christian relationships? If so, it sounds like only the gays can have babies, which Christians would probably think is sinful.