Living In The Moment: The Beauty Of Uncertainty

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Many of us are so obsessed with knowing – knowing who we are, where we are going, who we will end up with, what we are meant to do, who it is we will become, or how our future will play out. Naturally, we are inquisitive.

Some people do not take the time to recognize the beauty amid the chaos. They are in this constant loop of searching for answers like a record on repeat. We can spend hours, days, weeks, months, and even years trying to analyze a situation or dissect people’s behaviors or intentions, but we will never learn the truth. We will only end up feeling emotionally drained.

Our minds are rational; they want to have answers and make decisions. They value control, order, and understanding. When we don’t have that, our minds make us feel scared, stressed, nervous, and confused. While our brains tell us that we must have answers, we cannot have control in knowing everything. We can however, control our mentality.

Maybe, it is not about the discovery, but about the journey to get there. Maybe, it is not what we know, but what we experience along the way. Maybe, we do not have to have a map, plan, or a set direction. Maybe, we can just close our eyes and trust, take a deep breath, pray, and know that we are meant to be right where we are.

Maybe, life is about expanding our minds and our experiences – diving into life rather than trying to fully understand it. Maybe, we are not meant to know because things will unfold the way the universe wants it to. Maybe, it is better to walk forward directionless for now. There is no rush. No one will be there to check off society’s expectations of your life at the end, and there is no last call.

Next time you’re caught up in a routine, pause for a second. Look around like you are in a photograph. In that stillness is where you can find the enchanting little things that life has to offer you. There’s a sort of beauty in making something out of what seems to be nothing. There’s a sort of beauty in breaking out of the clutter to discover and create a glorious vision of your own world. Imagine living your whole life with little moments like that.

There is a beauty in transience. We’re all only here for a period of time; we all know that death is inevitable and that nothing lasts forever, yet as we go on about how we need to treasure what we have, about how to live life “now”, how many of us actually do it? Why do so many of us not live in the present? It is because we fear.

If we change our mentalities and realize the beauty of transience, we lose a bit of that fear, we put our brave faces on, and we make choices that allow us to live in the present.

Don’t stay if you don’t like where you are now because all things change. Even if you don’t do anything to change things, there is no guarantee that all else will remain the same. You can’t control the actions that others take and you most certainly can’t control what curveballs life throws at you.

There is no guarantee to anything, no promises that are certain, and no forever. All I can promise you is that there is a certain beauty in the temporary nature of things, how they unfold, and how we seize every moment. If we realize what excitement and happiness such moments can bring us, then I urge you to step out and truly live life in the moment. Make the change your heart tells you to. Do the things you want. Love the people around you. Fall completely in love with your life, and be part of the evanescence.

Make some time to believe. Nowadays, we are still questioning what exists and what doesn’t. Even so, make some time to believe that there is something in this world- something that can’t be defined. There is something that takes care of us ― some call it God, some call it destiny, and some call it fate. Just believe in something, because this something may be the reason why we are all here. Believe that there is still good in the world – in people, in their actions, in everything.

Most importantly, make some time for yourself and for everything that makes you feel glad that you are alive. I don’t know for how long we are all still here for, but as long as we exist now, we need to make time for everything that brings us happiness.