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Living Off The Grid: Could Decreasing Energy Dependence Ultimately Make Life Easier? (VIDEO)

We are intrigued by the concept.

With the widespread and prolonged power outages across the northeast this week, we were intrigued to think about the concept of "living off the grid." Sure, it might sound like more of a hassle to maintain and live off your own sewage, water or electrical systems. But what if you didn't have to depend so fully on a larger source, especially during times of distress?

In the HuffPost Live segment above, energy specialists and editors discuss why some people choose to live in this style. Whether it's because you just want to live greener, are struggling financially or have just grown sick of our consumer society, cutting back on your energy consumption and dependence might be the right choice for you. When natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy occur, getting your self-sufficient system back up and running might be easier than waiting for larger, municipal grids to be fixed. And, living without power for a few days might not be a little easier if we were already used to consuming a little less.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think. Do you live off the grid? Are you considering making this change? Or does this concept seem too challenging considering the lifestyle alterations you would need to make?

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