Living on a Prayer

Pitiful, pathetic and predictable are three words that Republicans and Democrats can agree on to describe the incompetence demonstrated by the Romney/Ryan presidential ticket for this political election cycle.
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"Living On a Prayer" was a song made popular by the modish 1980s group, Bon Jovi. It is a phrase that puts in perspective the haphazard campaign of the diabolical duo, Willard Mitt Romney and Paul Davis Ryan.

Pitiful, pathetic and predictable are three words that Republicans and Democrats can agree on to describe the incompetence demonstrated by the Romney/Ryan presidential ticket for this political election cycle. Many pundits have made accurate comparisons to the failed presidential run by Bob Dole during his putrid attempt to become President of the United States in 1996. At this point, the only thing missing from Governor Romney's campaign is him falling off of the stage, which may have been helpful while he was roasting the 47 percent of Americans in his speech earlier this year.

At every turn, Governor Romney has made it practically impossible to envision him as the Commander-in-chief. He has been running for president since 2007 and his gaffes have been following him like an irremovable stench ever since. He stated on numerous occasions that he witnessed his late father marching with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. When he was pressed on the facts of his statement, he gave the unthinkable response of trying to redefine the meaning of saw or seen. What? But this is one of the innumerable examples we've seen concerning Romney's contentious relationship with the truth.

As it became clear that Romney would win his party's nomination, some within his own party ranks doubted his chance at defeating President Obama. Ann Coulter predicted if the Republicans made Romney their nominee, they would lose this election. Her words could prove to be prophetic in the end. Former Senator Rick Santorum, Governor Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich pleaded with the Republican base during the primary debate season to not make Romney the party's unquestioned choice to represent them in the fall because he wouldn't be much of an alternative from the incumbent. It seems the Republicans have made their beds hard to lie in.

During the Republican primary season, Romney couldn't get above the 23 percent threshold for months until more candidates dropped from contention. Once it was announced that he was the winner, the Republicans knew they had a gargantuan task on their hands. They were counting on their Voter ID laws to swing the presidential race in their favor, but now eleven states have ruled against this disenfranchising legislation. The polling over the past few months has been unfavorable towards Romney on topics ranging from his likability with voters to who would be best to lead the country out of our economic doldrums.

Due to his likability issues, Romney and his political advisors had to make a splash with their choice for his vice presidential pick. On the surface, Paul Ryan seemed like the glamorous choice to fortify the Republican base and regain their excitement in the election. When the announcement was made it was lauded in Republican circles, and even had some Democrats on edge in the beginning. He gave Romney a bounce in the polls and a running mate that would generate enthusiasm among the base. Ryan was an electric presence at their rallies, but the buzz has faded in the past couple of months. Ryan has clearly become more of a hindrance than a helper.

Romney and Ryan boasted proudly that Americans now had a clear distinction in this election. Yes. It is true that Americans have a choice between two different trains of thought. The unfortunate reality for Romney and his team is Paul Ryan and his intransigent budget has compounded the problems Romney has with half of the electorate. Romney and his inner circle thought Ryan would be the difference maker on November 6. He has become a difference maker, but in the wrong direction. A number of Republicans would secretly prefer that Romney and Ryan switch places on the ticket. Rumors have begun that some lucrative donors are going to abandon ship if current trends continue to spiral downward.

These candidates have much in common ranging from their missteps with the media to the absurd ideas in their platforms. The fact remains they haven't given the American populace concrete answers on the many issues plaguing our society today. Republicans are growing more impatient with their diabolical duo of dysfunction. The American people deserve honest answers and leaders with more resolve. We won't believe anything you tell us. For someone who was born on third base like Romney, he keeps getting thrown out at home during his political career. Tonight could be his last Hail Mary to the citizens of the United States.

The former pastor and his political team are undoubtedly living on a prayer.

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