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Living Out Loud

How can you practice seeing more of the positive qualities in others and live out loud by sharing authentically with them? I encourage you to join us in "living out loud" by going out of your way to share five simple positive truths each day.
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How many times have you thought a nice thought about someone but didn't say it aloud? It probably happens all the time. Perhaps you were just too busy going about your day and you didn't find pause to speak, write, call or text it? Maybe you didn't think it was that big of a deal and worth sharing. Or, perhaps, you feel a little bit awkward dishing out compliments (especially if it's to somebody you don't know very well)?

But, what if I told you that every time you decide not to live out loud and keep these positive thoughts to yourself, you miss out on an opportunity to make somebody's day (including your own)!

I was reminded of the beauty in this the other day with a brief email interaction with my friend Laura, who happens to be a pretty cool biz owner. I'm on her email list and one came through that caught my eye. I clicked, and her words really resonated with a particular pizzazz that day. I decided to take all of five seconds to reply and tell her so!

It went like this:

Hi Laura!
You write great copy. :) I'm a word nerd & just wanted to say that. Good luck with your launch.

Her response came over just a few minutes later. She said,

You are the sweetest! That just made my whole day.

Awww. How cool is that? I mean, who doesn't want to make somebody's day? And, all it took was sharing a little drop of fabulous truth with somebody. And, you know what, her reply made my day because 1) it makes me happy to make others happy 2) heck yeah, I'm the sweetest! (see everybody likes compliments) and 3) it triggered a reminder in me to "Live Out Loud" and how wonderful it is to do so.

The psychology of this is that people enjoy compliments because it's confirmation that what they are doing is working and it gives them motivation to keep going. We all crave encouragement. And, as the complimenter, we are practicing noticing the good in others, which gives us a mood boost as it helps us to become more mindful of the positive qualities in the world.

Generally speaking, we live in a culture that does not have a problem "living out loud" when it comes to telling people off and letting them know how disappointed we are when something bad goes down. Sadly, this is becoming commonplace as people become more and more disconnected from their truth and from each other. Noticing the negative in others and speaking to it, however, lowers vibrations all around. Frankly, I'd rather elevate! So, why not be part of a movement where we can lift each other up with tiny little authentic nuggets of encouragement as they present themselves?

The one and only "rule" in "living out loud" and dishing compliments to others is that it MUST be completely authentic and with no ulterior intention. In other words, don't even think about buttering them up just because you want something from them!! That's just not cool. And, besides, people can smell inauthenticity from a mile away. However, when you open your mind and heart to seeing the good in others, authentic words of praise and encouragement flow quite easily.

Not only is it good for your soul to spread good in this way, for those of you who run sacred businesses (as do many of my coaching clients), your authentic sharing with others can really help build your network and grow your business. As humans, we crave connection with others. Dishing out your authentic support will soon find authentic support coming right back your way. It's one of the natural laws of the Universe.

So, think about this: How can you practice seeing more of the positive qualities in others and live out loud by sharing authentically with them? I encourage you to join us in "living out loud" by going out of your way to share five simple positive truths each day. It could be with a friend, family, business associate, or even a total stranger. Some may find this super fun and easy and want to share even more. Yay! Do this for at least one week and notice any feelings of elevation and/or goodness that shows up in your life. I bet you'll want to keep going!

Feel free to share your "living out loud" experiences in the comments below and feel free to share with you friends to join in!


(Dawn Gluskin is a biz and brand mentor to soulful entrepreneurs, creator of the Sacred Business course, and author of forthcoming "Type A Zen.' For more inspiration, follow on Instagram, join her private Facebook group, and sign up for love letters delivered to your inbox!)