This Is What It's Really Like To Live With Anxiety Every Single Day

For HuffPost Wellness' series "Living With," we're giving you a guide to navigating conditions that affect your mind and body.
Isabella Carapella

Having anxiety means constantly feeling on guard against your own mind and body. You never know when your heart will clinch, your nerves will buzz, your thoughts will take off or your blood will run cold. The worst part? You’re just expected to go on with your day-to-day life as if none of that happens.

In honor of May’s Mental Health Awareness Month, our “Living With” series is focusing on what it’s like to deal with anxiety on a regular basis. We’ll give you guidance on treatment, expert-backed advice on coping and personal stories about the frustrations and triumphs of living with the mental health condition. The goal is to make you feel less alone in your experience.

Anxiety can be tough ― really damn tough ― but you can have a powerful, thrilling, healthy life regardless of its existence. Promise. Check out all the stories below and keep coming back for more throughout the month.

The line between the two can be blurry. Here's how to know when it's time to reach out for help.
Research and expert-backed tips to try if your extreme stress rises with the sun.
There’s no shame in needing a prescription to treat the mental health condition.
Because even the mental health experts need a little help sometimes.
On the outside you may seem fine, but on the inside? Not so much.
Wisdom that's encouraging and shatters stigma at the same time? Yes, please.
Plus, some advice on how to manage your bladder in the moment.
Just the reminders you may need when your brain is beating you up.
Here's what you need to know.
Experts share how to know if you're developing a dependency on the pills.
It may seem harmless, but this four-letter word is actually doing a lot of damage.
Take care of yourself so you can take care of your to-do list.
I'd developed a physical dependence and spent weeks in withdrawal. But I didn't know.
Can't argue with science: A person isn't responsible for having a mental illness.
Experts explain what's going on when you feel worse after a positive outcome and how to deal.
In her new book, Introvert Doodles cartoonist Marzi Wilson offers helpful hacks to get through the day.
Experts break down how a little temperature shift may make a huge difference.
Try one of these phrases the pros rely on.
It even makes me wonder if I deserve to be in a healthy relationship.

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