What It's Like Living With Cats, As Explained In 16 Purr-fect Comics

Never a dull moment. 😹
06/04/2018 05:48pm ET | Updated June 4, 2018

Living with cats can be pretty fur-tastic ― and no, we don’t just mean because of the cat hair on the furniture.

Artist Sarah Graley chronicles life with her fiancé, Stef, and their four beloved cats ― Pesto, Toby, Wilson and Pixel ― through her popular “Our Super Adventure” comic series.

Artist Sarah Graley said Wilson is the biggest troublemaker of the bunch, but he’s also very affectionate. "You can just look at him and he’ll start purring," she said.

In the series, the Birmingham, U.K.-based artist captures all of the funny, cute and delightfully weird moments between the couple and their kitties.

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“It’s never boring!” Graley told HuffPost. “We both work from home, and we tend to get visited by different cats at different times of the day. Pesto might come and hang out on the cat tree in our studio in the evening. Toby will hop on and off of Stef’s lap during the day, it’s really cute and nice!”

Move and disrupt this perfectly sweet moment? Never!

The cats provide the couple of seven years with plenty of love and entertainment.

“During the day, we’ll grab each other’s attention to show the other a weird or cute thing one of the cats is doing,” Graley said.

Never a dull moment when you live with four cats. 

But as any cat owner knows, it’s not all peaceful purring and cuddles. According to the couple, Pesto and Wilson are not getting along as of late.

“One of the cats will inevitably chase one of the other cats around the house. Of course, that’s definitely less cute!” Graley said.

Below, check out some of Graley’s quirky cat mom musings. Then, head over to her website or Instagram to see more of her work.

True Love Illustrations by Nidhi Chanani