15 Things No One Ever Tells You About Living With Your Significant Other

Cohabiting is one of the trickiest obstacles to navigate in any relationship. For some, it's a seamless transition. For others, little space with two (or more) people can be a recipe for disaster.

Whether you've just moved in together or have lived side-by-side for years, we've rounded up the 15 things no one really tells you about living with your partner.

1. Hair is going to be EVERYWHERE.
In the drain, on your clothes, in the sink, in your bed -- we mean everywhere.


2. Trying to subtly sneak more closet space without your partner noticing can feel like a chess match.
You have to mark your territory and you can't help but feel tempted to seize those precious inches.

3. It's tough to get into a routine if your schedules and sleeping patterns don't align perfectly.
When one of you is a morning person and the other is a night owl, your bed time is never optimal for both parties.

4. You have to learn to get comfortable going to the bathroom near them.
We're not saying you have to keep the door open, but there's no hiding your business when there's one bathroom between the two of you.


5. Women have way more toiletries than men could even imagine exist.
They'll never understand why we need separate moisturizers for our face and body.

6. The hamper produces a toxic smelly lovechild of each of your scents.
So there's no way you're going more than a week without doing laundry.

7. Just because you now sleep in the same bed doesn't mean you're going to get lucky every night.
Sex isn't a given -- it will likely ebb and flow. You're going to have to constantly be working on intimacy and passion in your relationship.


8. Creating a set of guidelines -- whether you watch TV to fall asleep, the kinds of foods you'll keep in the house, what your standard of cleanliness is -- will prove to be imperative.
Whatever you do when you first move in will likely become the norm. Changes can come, but they take significant time and effort.

9. Your respective bad habits will drive each other crazy.
Maybe you avoid loading the dishwasher and he can't help but shake his leg when his team is losing. Whatever those habits are, you will notice them and they will piss you off.

10. Women actually do require way more time to get ready.
Blowdrying your hair + makeup + multiple outfit changes = struggles men usually won't understand.


11. You're going to have to pick a side of the bed ... and stick with it.
People are very territorial over "their side" and do not like switching it up when it comes to sleeping space.

12. You will likely learn something very unexpected about them.
Digestive issues? Sneaker hoarder? Aversion to leafy greens? Could be worse.

13. It becomes almost too easy to cancel plans with everyone else.
You have a built-in drinking buddy, dinner date and snuggle partner every day -- and you don't even have to leave your place.


14. You can't watch every single TV show together.
If you're waiting for your partner's schedule to open up so you can finally watch Breaking Bad, you'll make little to no progress.

15. Sometimes, when you move in together there aren't any issues and it feels completely natural.
And that, friends, is what we call #RelationshipGoals.


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