Living Your Travel Dreams Without Excuses

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Life is short and the world is wide. There is a virtually endless choice of travel destinations and in one lifetime we'll never reach them all. But what about the special ones that we dream of? In between life's other obligations how do we ensure that we reach these places and not regret later that we didn't?

Let's have a look then at the main reasons that prevent people from travelling and how they can be overcome...

"I don't have time to travel"
This is basically a statement saying "I have other priorities" and it is a personal choice. It's not an excuse as such; it's just a way of saying that a career or family is more important at this point. From there, it requires a personal commitment that "yes, I want to make travel a top priority". This requires the mindset that "it's important that I do this now because there may not be an opportunity later". We are all given the same number of hours each day and week; how we use them is our individual choice.

"I can't afford to travel"
A more challenging problem but one that can be overcome without winning the lottery. Once again, it comes down to priorities. How do you prefer to use the income that you have? If you are willing to make some sacrifices and adjustments to your lifestyle you can begin saving for travel. Even with relatively little money, you can still enjoy a great trip through some of the world's cheaper countries. If you haven't looked into it, you may be surprised just how far your money will stretch in some places.

"I'm afraid of travelling"
Another factor that stops people from living their travel dreams is fear. This may be fear of a particular destination or even fear of travel itself. For anyone experiencing this apprehension, knowledge is power. The more you can learn about something, the more confident you will become in doing it. Conquering fear takes some courage and you have to decide that you want something more than you are afraid of it. And in the end, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised because it's never really as bad as what you imagine.

There are obviously other reasons that hinder people from achieving their travel dreams but do you see the pattern within them? It comes back to what your heart desires. If it's really in your heart, your mind will find a way. When you can clearly say to yourself "yes, I want to travel and I won't let anything get in my way" you've made a positive affirmation to yourself. Telling friends or family makes this even stronger and increases your motivation to actually make it a reality.

After a firm decision, seizing your opportunities is the key. Don't ever let what you can't do ever prevent you from doing what you CAN do. Remember that you are going travelling, not launching the space shuttle. If you waited for the stars to align and everything to be perfect before leaving you'll probably never go anywhere. The truth is that what you do on the journey will determine your trip's success more than anything else. You simply need to make that choice to take the first step.