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'Liz And Dick': Twitter Reactions To Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor In Lifetime Movie

On Twitter Sunday night, it seemed like there was only one topic to talk about: "Liz & Dick."

The Lifetime movie starring Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor made its debut and celebrities, journalists and all Twitter users snarked -- in 140 characters or less -- about what was intended to be Lohan's comeback role.

Prior to the Sunday premiere of "Liz & Dick" on Lifetime, reviews were far less than favorable. HuffPost TV's own Maureen Ryan called "Liz & Dick" "cheap-looking [and] exploitative"; Alessandra Stanley of "The New York Times" referred to the dialogue as "laughable"; "Reuter's" Tim Molloy said it was "redundant and boring in a way no star could save"; "The Hollywood Reporter's" Tim Goodman called it "spectacularly bad"; and Matt Roush of TV Guide said "you'll find more exciting chemistry in a high-school lab" than between Lohan and her Richard Burton, Grant Bowler.

But what did viewers, other journalists and celebrities have to say about "Liz & Dick"? From mocking Lohan's inconsistent accent to comparing the movie to sitting through Roseanne Barr's notorious national anthem (and some arguably worse things), check out 100 scathing tweets below.

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