Liz Cheney Defends Dad On MSNBC (VIDEO)

Liz Cheney Defends Dad On MSNBC (VIDEO)

My father "has an obligation to speak out," Liz Cheney told the hosts of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Tuesday. She compared his outspoken defense of harsh interrogation techniques to Al Gore's public role since leaving office. He would much rather be fishing, she said, but he felt it was his duty to defend the Bush Administration.

Cheney sparred with Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, who wrote in the day's paper that her father was a "crazy old coot" who should go back to Wyoming.

"I haven't seen similar columns from you or, frankly, anybody else saying things like Al Gore should go back to Tennessee and Al Gore somebody who is very vocal, very much out there," she said.

Cheney, like her father, argued that "enhanced interrogation techniques" saved American lives. Robinson made the obvious but often overlooked point that if something is against the law, the government shouldn't be doing it.

The Cheney family argument that torture did save lives has been undermined by recently released memos.


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