Liz Cheney Eviscerates Mike Lindell Over His Latest Election Claim

This one was personal between the Republican House member and the MyPillow boss.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) blasted MyPillow founder Mike Lindell as a lunatic following the Donald Trump disciple’s latest baseless claim of 2020 election fraud.

This time Lindell insisted that Cheney’s home state of Wyoming, which voted for Trump in a landslide, had thousands of votes stolen.

“We have a name for this in Wyoming. Lunacy,” Cheney tweeted this week.

Cheney’s campaign team doubled down on her takedown of Lindell, who’s been sued for furthering Trump’s absurd claims that he won the 2020 election. Campaign manager Tammy Hooper on Wednesday dubbed the pillow magnate “an unhinged conspiracy theorist” and “out of-state wacko.”

“Everyone across Wyoming, including the Republican state party leadership, elected officials, and candidates have a responsibility to condemn these unfounded allegations and make clear that we won’t allow an out-of-state wacko to baselessly attack the integrity of our public servants or question our patriotism,” Hooper said in a statement.

Mike Lindell and Liz Cheney
Mike Lindell and Liz Cheney

Lindell made his comments over the weekend at a Trump rally in Wyoming, where Cheney faces a Republican primary challenge from Trump-backed opponent Harriet Hageman.

“Wyoming had 20-some thousand votes stole in the president election. That’s almost 10 percent of your home [total cast] votes in Wyoming. Everything was taken,” Lindell told the Cowboy State Daily on Saturday.

Numerous lawsuits alleging fraud have been dismissed since President Joe Biden won the election. The dismissal of yet another baseless one was upheld by a federal court this week.

Lindell is among numerous defendants being sued by election software makers Dominion and Smartmatic, alleging his election lies defamed the companies.

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