Liz Cheney Slams Obama On Foreign Policy: "America Needs A Commander In Chief, Not A Global Community Organizer" (VIDEO)

Liz Cheney, who has hinted at an interest in running for office, sounded very much the candidate as she gave a speech slamming President Obama's foreign policy at a RedState gathering in Atlanta this weekend.

"Avoiding causing offense to our enemies has become a central tenet of President Obama's foreign policy," Cheney said.

During her speech she criticized Obama for not defending the "brave Iranian men and women" who demanded free elections, and also rebuked him for his handling of the coup in Honduras. These events, according to Cheney, prove that Obama has put America in a "position of weakness."

As for her big final applause line, Cheney signed off by saying, "America needs a commander in chief, not a global community organizer."