Liz Cheney Suggests Dad Dick As 2012 Presidential Candidate (VIDEO)

In the midst of a discussion of the latest conservative scandal -- an uproar over the fact that President Obama bowed to the emperor of Japan -- Liz Cheney suggested her father take over the office in a few years.

Host Chris Wallace pointed out that former Vice President Dick Cheney did not bow to the emperor when he visited Japan. (He did not elaborate on how this difference in greeting affected American policy or foreign relations.)

"You could ... look at the comparison and think, Cheney 2012," Liz Cheney said.

"Really? How far do you want to go with that?" Wallace responded excitedly. "Let Liz make news ... Cheney/Palin," Bill Kristol cut in. "Or Palin/Cheney -- don't be sexist," Wallace added.

For more on this latest right-wing talking point, go here. And for what it's worth, here are some photos of President Eisenhower bowing to foreign leaders.

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