Liz Hausle trades Music Industry job to Empower Women

Amidst the clutter of the internet and the constant stream of content meant to entertain and mass marketed toward women; think "best dressed" lists, who's dating who and the latest celebrity selfies, a new and refreshing platform with a great feel is being launched.

Liz Hausle, former VP of Marketing at Roc Nation came across the idea after watching the "Like A Girl" Super Bowl ad and being saddened by its depiction of girls playing sports. Her understanding and respect for the power of images in the media and their overwhelming influence on how we see ourselves, led the former record executive to launch FEMDE: an empowerment platform created with the intention of entering the conversation and making a difference.

Hausle launched the site with a powerful campaign to raise awareness for gender equality and women's rights. The campaign, #TheWomenAreComing, features a gathering of women from an array of professional backgrounds. Produced and directed by Myiea Coy, the series shares personal stories of achieving equality, the challenges to get there, and the lessons learned through the process. Femde was created to empower women globally and give them the tools and knowledge to achieve their greatest potential.

Hausle was inspired into action after the World Economic Forum predicted in 2015 that it would take at least 118 years to close the gender gap. Hausle, along with the Femde team and women all over the world believe this can be achieved in our lifetime and the United Nations agree.

"Our mission with #TheWomenAreComing is to educate and inspire men and women to take a stand for equality," said Liz Hausle, Founder and CEO of Femde. "It is critical to the world's growth and development to include the entire human race to participate. To keep women out of the conversation is to deny a better and brighter future to the world."

#TheWomenAreComing handpicked powerful women who are relatable with a strong point of view. These women include:

• Nikki Bohannon, Veteran Music Manager
• Lorielle Broussard, General Manager for a full service digital agency, First East Circular
• Sara Christensen, Managing Director of External Relations for Raptor Group
• Michelle Edgar, Founder and CEO of The XX Project
• Liz Hausle, Founder and CEO of the female empowerment platform Femde; Board Member of First East Circular
• Raha Lewis, TV Personality and Journalist
• Heather Lindsey Respected Operator, Entrepreneur, and Advisor
• Nazine Mandi, Singer and Actress
• Sheila Marmon, Founder & CEO of Mirror Digital
• Wynter Mitchell, Head of Talent and Partnerships at Reddit
• Julia Rose, Founder & CEO of VaGenie
• Fiona Russell, Established journalist and writer
• Livia Tortella, Founder and CEO of Black Box
• Geneva Wasserman, President of VW Enterprises

This is the first of many empowering events Femde will host throughout the year. The platform will continue to present in-depth editorials and curated content on issues that affect women every single day, as well as, culture, news, health, fashion, and more.

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