British Lawmakers Demand Probe Of Report Russian Spies Hacked Liz Truss' Phone

Information emerged this summer but was kept hidden as Truss angled to become prime minister, according to the report.

British lawmakers are demanding a full investigation into a media report that the personal phone of former Prime Minister Liz Truss was hacked by suspected Russian agents when she was foreign secretary.

Hackers reportedly gained access to sensitive information, including discussions with foreign officials about the war in Ukraine.

Opposition members in Parliament demanded an investigation into the report published in the Sunday Mail, which as of late Sunday had not been confirmed by officials or other media outlets.

The government has refused to comment on any of the details in the story.

“We need an urgent independent investigation to uncover the truth,” tweeted Member of Parliament Layla Moran, foreign affairs spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats. “If this was withheld from the public to protect Liz Truss’ leadership bid, that would be unforgivable.”

Shadow Home Secretary and Labour Party law-and-order spokesperson Yvette Cooper said on Sky News Sunday that officials must also investigate Truss’ alleged use of a “personal phone for serious government business.” In addition, investigators should determine why the information was leaked “right now.”

A government spokesperson told the BBC that there are “robust” systems in place to protect against cyberthreats, but refused to comment on Truss or any “individuals’ security arrangements.”

The Mail claimed the hack was discovered this summer while then-Foreign Secretary Truss was running to lead the Tories and become prime minister. But the information was suppressed by then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Cabinet Secretary Simon Case, according to the newspaper.

Truss resigned as prime minister earlier this month after a tumultuous few weeks in office, serving the shortest term in British history.

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