Russia Today Anchor Tells Anderson Cooper Why She Quit On Air

Former Russia Today anchor Liz Wahl appeared on Anderson Cooper's Wednesday show to explain her dramatic on-air resignation from the network over its coverage of the situation in Ukraine.

Wahl said that RT "whitewashes the actions of [Vladimir] Putin" and that she could no longer be a part of the channel. In a statement, RT derided the resignation as a "self-promotional stunt."

Speaking to Cooper, Wahl said that "the propagandist nature of RT came out in full force" in its coverage of the battle over Crimea.

"I would hope as a reporter and in life, you should always seek the truth, spread the truth, disseminate the truth," she said. "And what's clear is what's happening right now amid this crisis is that RT is not about the truth. It's about promoting a Putinist agenda."

Watch more of the interview above.