Baby Lizard Loves Belly Rubs (VIDEO)

Lizard's Adorable Behavior Might Surprise You

Lizards aren't exactly know for their cute and cuddly behavior -- which is why the adorable behavior of this baby reptile is so surprising.

A video showing the lizard -- identified on YouTube as a baby Mali uromastyx -- has been around since July 2012 but recently resurfaced.

YouTube poster smplymaxx wrote that the scaly pet seems to really enjoy getting belly rubs, of all things.

"Every time you open her cage and wiggle your fingers she comes running, flips on her back and waves her arms around while you scratch her tummy," smplymaxx wrote. "Cutest thing ever!!!"

And while we never thought we'd say this, smplymaxx has a point. That lizard really is super cute.

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