Lizard Soup and 7 Other Cold Remedies From Around the World

These'll give you a new lease on life and a renewed sense of appreciation for geckos.
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Here at Thrillist, our scientists are working constantly to discover all the latest methods in health technology -- like how to beat a cold using only whiskey and pizza, like some sort of gluttonous MacGyver. But what if you're sick and completely out of whiskey and/or pizza? WHAT THEN?! Fortunately for you, we combed through our international archives and found some of the best cold remedies from around the world that'll give you a new lease on life and a renewed sense of appreciation for geckos.

CREDIT: Wikipedia/Biswarup Ganguly
Where it's from: Eastern Europe
What it is: An old Jewish cure-all that's been (quietly) brought over to America, the gogol mogol is an elixir whose ingredients are up for debate, but usually include an egg (or egg yolk) and hot milk, in addition to honey, melted butter, cocoa, and booze (usually rum, brandy, or slivovitz). Put 'em all together, and you've got every Wisconsinite's dream beverage, and also something whose consistency will give you some throat relief, at the very least.

CREDIT: Flickr/Upupa4me
Where it's from: Northern Canada
What it is: Used as a cough suppressant by travelers in the Northern reaches of Canada, bitterroot is pretty much exactly what its name suggests -- a bitter root. Members of native tribes have been known to take a part of the tough, fibrous plant and chew it for hours, over which time it releases chemicals that soothe sore throats. It also is believed to be able to stop bear attacks, so basically don't go to Canada without one.

CREDIT: Wikipedia/Cburnett
Where it's from: Hong Kong
What it is: There's really not much to decipher here -- it's like that book Chicken Soup for the Soul, except with lizards instead of chickens. This stuff is a Chinese herbal medicine staple, and functions much in the same way that chicken soup does, in that it's a hot liquid with some protein in it; just add some noodles, and you've got a nice alternative cure-all, provided you happen to have some dried lizard lying around.

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