Lizz Winstead's Rebuttal To Michele Bachmann's Rebuttal To Paul Ryan's Rebuttal To Obama (VIDEO)

WATCH: Lizz Winstead's Rebuttal To Bachmann, Ryan & Obama

You'd think between their two rebuttals to President Obama's State Of The Union speech, that either Michele Bachmann or Paul Ryan would have come up with a decent alternative to Obama's "genocidal, baby- and job-killing healthcare bill." But neither the official rebutter nor the people's rebutter had the vision or grit to propose transitioning our "unconstitutional, America-raping healthcare bill" into a "private sector job creator" wealthcare bill.

Well, lucky for all of us real Americans, Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead has the teabags to say what we would all be thinking if we hadn't already been lobotomized by Obama's flesh-eating and God-killing healthcare bill.

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