'Lizzie McGuire': The 17 Best Teen TV Role Models (WATCH)

Sometimes when we find ourselves stuck in a difficult situation, we think, "What would Lizzie McGuire do?" The always-loyal Lizzie may have wanted to be popular, but she'd never turn her back on her friends or change who she is to do it. And like Lizzie, "Awkward"'s Jenna Hamilton proves that you can be totally awkward and super-cool at the same time.

There are a slew of characters on our favorite shows who can be looked up to as role models. From the always true-to-himself Kurt Hummel to Topanga Lawrence -- the voice of reason on every episode of "Boy Meets World" -- these teenage characters are like the friends that we always look up to for advice and guidance. Inspired by our love for Lizzie, we got to thinking about the other awesome teenage role models on TV. Check out 17 or our favorites in the slideshow below, and tell us -- what fictional teen characters do you look up to?

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Best Teen TV Role Models