Lizzie Velasquez Fights Back Against Bullying (video)

By Nadia Watson

Every October, schools, organizations, and celebrities across the country join forces in honoring National Bullying Prevention Month. As they honor the resilience of young people around the country this month, they also acknowledge that there is still a lot of work to be done in the name of prevention.

One out of every four students have reported being bullied during this past school year which, for Lizzie Velasquez, is one too many.

Velasquez, an anti-bullying activist, has been working to bring about an end to bullying in schools by inspiring others to fight back in a different way - with confidence, kindness, and success.

A year after speaking in front of Congress about the Safe Schools Improvement Act, Velasquez returned to the nation's capitol to screen her documentary, A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story.

In the film, as well as her many motivational speeches, she encourages dialogue and urges both communities and Congress to abandon the idea that bullying is an accepted childhood rite of passage. To keep the momentum going, Velasquez is traveling around the country not only to share her story, but connect with others, especially those who have been affected by bullying. For a list of Congress members who have yet to sign off on the bill, visit:

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