Lizzo Proves To Be A True Eddie Murphy Fangirl In Fun ‘SNL’ Promo

The “Truth Hurts” singer seems *very* excited to be doing the show with the “Dolemite Is My Name” star.

Lizzo is good as hell at being funny.

The Grammy-nominated pop star taped a few promo videos for her upcoming musical appearance on “Saturday Night Live” this week alongside host Eddie Murphy and cast member Kenan Thompson, and in one, she proves to be a big fan of Murphy’s work.

In the promo video, Murphy — a former cast member of the iconic sketch show — announces he’ll be hosting, prompting Lizzo to excitedly say: “And when I heard I was like ahhhhhh, let’s go, let’s go!”

She then proceeds to twerk next to Murphy while chanting, “Sexual chocolate! Sexual chocolate!” which is a reference to the “Dolemite Is My Name” star’s 1988 movie “Coming to America.”

And if that wasn’t cute enough, after the “Truth Hurts” singer concludes her dance, she pops up, claps and references another of Murphy’s movies — “The Nutty Professor” ― causing the comedian to crack up.