Turns Out Lizzo's 'Truth Hurts' Halloween Costume Is 100% The Best


Lizzo 100% nailed Halloween this year.

In a Twitter video posted Friday, the “Truth Hurts” singer recreated her chart-topping song’s most famous line.

“YALL IDK... this year for Halloween I decided not to wear a costume,” Lizzo teased in the tweet.

But then, in the video, she appears wearing a box resembling a DNA test kit, complete with sparkly letters and a glittery, oversized cotton swab. Another person pretends to take the test, and Lizzo ― acting as the kit ― then opens the box to reveal they are “100% that bitch.”

Lizzo previously said she was inspired to use that lyric after seeing it in a meme: “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that bitch.”

Her Halloween hasn’t been all sparkles, though.

The singer-rapper screamed her way through a haunted house visit on a segment of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” alongside the show’s executive producer, Andy Lassner.

“I’m 100% that scary-ass bitch,” Lizzo said in front of the haunted house in Thursday’s spooky episode.

On Friday, the “Juice” singer shared a clip of the ordeal on Twitter, writing, “It looks waaaay less scary than it was... don’t get it twisted... [without] that light it was a nightmare.”