Lizzo Loves British 'Love Island' But Is Confused By 1 Word

"I don’t understand," the singer told BBC host Graham Norton about the U.K. reality show.

Lizzo is feeling good as hell about the U.K. reality show “Love Island,” even if she doesn’t always get it.

During an appearance Friday on the BBC’s “Graham Norton Show,” the singer revealed that she watched the dating series — but said one term used by contestants left her confused.

Namely, the word “mug.”

“‘Mug off,’ ’I feel like a proper mug’ — I’m like, ‘What’s a mug?’” she said.

“A mug is what you drink coffee out of. You know? Or there’s like a ‘mean mug,’ ‘Why you mugging me?’ But what does ‘mug’ mean here? I don’t think it’s the same thing.”

“A mug is a face, isn’t it?” suggested host Graham Norton.

“Is it? Well they’ll be like, ‘I feel like a mug.’ I’m like: ‘What? How could you feel like a ceramic cup?’ ... I don’t understand.”

As HuffPost has explained previously: “When you’re muggy, you’re acting in a disingenuous or shady way. To be mugged off, then, is to be dumped, lied to or otherwise disrespected by your other half.”

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