Lizzo's Bootylicious Lakers Game Outfit Goes Viral After People Share Mixed Reviews

The "Truth Hurts" singer rocked a black T-shirt dress with a cutout that showed off her thong as she twerked on the Jumbotron.

Many people have a something to say about Lizzo’s latest sartorial choice.

The 31-year-old singer wore a black T-shirt dress with a spicy twist to the LA Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves game over the weekend: a cut-out that revealed her black thong. And, in true Lizzo fashion, she twerked to her heart’s content while at the game.

When the twerking hit the Jumbotron and then Twitter, fans and critics alike came out in droves to offer their thoughts on her outfit and antics.

The responses to the whole situation were far and wide. While some criticized the outfit as “ugly,” others were “not mad about it.

Here’s what Twitter had to say:

Amid all the varying fashion reviews, the most pressing matter might not be what she wore but where she sat. The Root implored Lizzo to not put her “bare backside on a stadium seat,” and Jezebel said that they “hope someone reminded her to protect her vagine” for hygienic reasons.

At any rate, the singer is clearly unbothered by the commotion as she just dropped a new music video for her song “Good As Hell.” Lizzo obviously isn’t listening to the haters, so she’ll be dusting her shoulders off as she keeps it moving.

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