Lizzo Ranks John Williams Scores, Says 'Jaws' Is 'Lazy'

"It's two notes, bitch."

Lizzo has spoken.

The singer, flutist and body positivity advocate joined MTV News to rank the iconic movie scores of her favorite composer, John Williams. And the “Jaws” theme song is just ... not the GOAT. 

″‘Jaws’ is genius because it’s two notes, which I think is pretty iconic,” she told MTV. “But at the same time, it’s two notes, bitch. So it’s pretty lazy.” 

Can’t argue with that. 

Lizzo’s favorite score? The “Jurassic Park” theme. 

“OK, you know it’s hard if it can go well in a trap song.” 

The artist herself has a lot of music to appreciate these days. She released “Cuz I Love You” earlier this month and received critical acclaim for the album, her major-label debut.