Lizzo Reveals Her Brilliant Tour Rider While Day Drinking With Seth Meyers

The "Truth Hurts" singer makes one very particular demand for her concerts. Hell to those who don't obey.

Even a soused Lizzo made perfect sense. The Grammy-winning singer told Seth Meyers during their recent day-drinking bacchanal that she demands tampons be made available for her and staff while on tour. (Watch the video below.)

In a segment that aired on “Late Night” Tuesday, host Meyers asked the “Truth Hurts” performer what the most absurd item was on her rider ― the list of entertainers’ demands for concerts. Lizzo noted it wasn’t ridiculous.

“We just travel with so many women, I put tampons on the rider,” she said. “And sometimes we wouldn’t get them. And I’d be like who the fuck?”

“As a modern man,” a drunken Meyers chimed in, “I don’t think that’s absurd at all.”

“You better preach!” Lizzo replied.

The moment was one of the more substantive in a funny segment that saw the two descend into shitfacedness. So belly up to the clip and drink in their extended happy hour. Sometimes too much Christmas cheer is a good thing.

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