LL Cool J Says New Album 'Authentic Hip-Hop' Is Unapologetic And Polarizing (VIDEO)

Withstanding relevancy for over 26 years, LL Cool J is set to unleash his latest music offering on February 12 titled, “Authentic Hip-Hop.” Co-produced by longtime collaborators, The Trackmasters, the opus marks Cool J’s 13th studio effort and his first album since 2008's "Exit 13."

Judging from its title there’s no doubt that the rap legend will stick to his roots and continue his legacy as one of the genre’s icons, releasing an album he has called mature and isn't striving to attract young audiences.

During a recent segment on “Access Hollywood,” the Grammy host opened up to Shaun Robinson on his decision not to conform to any of today’s current trends and why his album will be polarizing.

“A lot of times people like to tell you what they think you should be doing musically,” he explained. “‘You should only make hard records…you should only make soft records…you shouldn’t make a record with that kind of language…you should make a song dealing with that topic…you’re supposed to do this, you’re supposed to do that.’”

“And while all of those things may have some validity, it’s not my truth I have to do what’s in my spirit, and I have to make a record that reflects that,” he continued. “And if I don’t then I’m lying as an artist, and I won’t be happy when I look back on it. I would regret not doing this record the way that I did it.”

Check out LL Cool J’s “Access Hollywood” interview segment in the clip above.



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