Lloyd McClendon Gets Really Mad At A Bunch Of Umps

The Yankees' Alex Rodriguez got a check-swing call for a ball to walk Tuesday night against the Seattle Mariners, and Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon wasn't having it.

Angered by both the call and the ejection of Mariners catcher Mike Zunino for arguing, McClendon quickly got tossed himself and proceeded to chew out any umpire he could find in one of the more memorable rants against an officiating crew.

This is nothing new for the Mariners skipper. According to For The Win, he's been tossed from 31 games in his career.

The Mariners lost, 5-3, in 11 innings for their fourth straight defeat, which could partly explain McClendon's frustration. But then again, there's his history with being vocal about his anger.



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