Lo Bosworth's Anxiety Experience Shows Treatment Is Different For Everyone

Props to the star for speaking out.
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Lo Bosworth revealed this week that she’s among the one in five Americans who deal with a mental health condition.

The lifestyle blogger and former reality TV star from “The Hills” said she’s been experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression for over a year. The conditions left her feeling exhausted and sick, which she said also got in the way of her work.

During my struggle I could barely process my emotions, let alone work a full 9-5 on YouTube videos, Love Wellness or TheLoDown [her business and blog],” she wrote. “I’ve lost so much, and gained so much on the other side too. I’ve grown as a human in ways I didn’t think possible.”

Bosworth attributed the cause of her mental health conditions to a severe vitamin deficiency, which her doctors helped to diagnose through a series of blood tests. She specifically displayed very low levels of vitamins B12 and D, both of which may be associated with mood issues.

Bosworth noted she tried therapy, medication and vitamins throughout her treatment process in order to figure out the best plan of action to manage her mental health symptoms.

The research on the relationship between vitamin deficiency and mental health is scarce and scientists have recommended further research. For the vast majority of people, therapy and medication or a combination of the two offer the best support. But lifestyle changes ― like exercising, eating healthy and, yes, getting proper vitamins ― can also make a difference.

It all comes down to what your physician thinks is best for you, according to Leanne Williams, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University.

“The most important point is that these treatments need to personalized, selected and tailored according to the needs of each individual,” Williams told The Huffington Post. “There is not a one size fits all solution.”

But Williams praised Bosworth’s openness about her experience as “critical” to reversing negative stereotypes surrounding mental health conditions. This stigma can stand in the way of people seeking medical support.

“I’m glad celebrities are now talking out,” Williams said. “Talking openly is so important to finding a solution and ultimately a cure.”

Bosworth wrote that she hopes her story helps other people take care of themselves and be their own champions for a healthy mind.

“I’m living proof that you should fight, you should explore, you should take your health into your own hands and be your own advocate, and that you CAN come out the other side with some serious scars, but feeling like a brand new human being,” she concluded.

Here’s to more celebrities speaking up for mental health. Way to go, Lo.

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