Lob Haircuts Are The Perfect Spring Look For Every Face Shape (PHOTOS)

Trust us, ladies!

Our favorite stars have become scissor happy lately, chopping off their long locks (or cutting hair extensions) into lob haircuts. The "lob," which is a longer version of the bob, has a length that falls between the chin and collarbone.

We've seen variations of the lob haircut on celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Richie, Karlie Kloss and Demi Lovato. Even Victoria Beckham brought back her famous "Pob." And their different face shapes prove that this spring hair trend works for everyone.

"Cutting your hair into a lob will not only help with the heat, but it will also help with the health and thickness it may deserve," says celebrity hairstylist Lee Rittiner. "It's shorter, chic, fun, low-maintenance and versatile. What else could you ask for during the relaxing summer months."

Since the lob haircut falls into that quirky, yet cool in-between length, Rittiner recommends asking your stylist how often you should go in for trims to maintain the look. "You do not want to have too many layers in this shape because it can end up turning into a helmet or triangle very quickly," he explains. Duly noted!

Read on to find out which lob haircut Rittiner believes work best for your face shape, as well as the right products and tools to sport this spring hairstyle.

lob haircut

Heart Face Shape
If your face is wider at the forehead and cheekbones and narrower at the jaw, go for a bob that is chin-length or longer. It's important to add layers to soften your face shape, and avoid height on top of the crown, which would only make your face appear wider at the top.

When styling, go for a natural or blow-dried sleek look, even soft waves work. Invest in a curling system like Theorie's 4-in-1, which uses negative ion technology to create smooth waves and shiny curls without the frizz and static that lead to troublesome tresses.

lob haircut

Oval Face Shape
If your face is longer than it is wide, you have plenty of options with a lob's length and texture. Depending on your preference, lifestyle and the thickness of your hair, you can pull off a long, medium or short bob. An oval face can really rock any shape.

Regardless of the type of bob you go with, add some layers. This will help bring movement and texture to your locks, and you can still wear it sleek or slightly messy. You can also add bangs. The key is to keep your look fresh by experimenting with different styling products, like a texture spray or pomade.

lob haircut

Round Face Shape
Usually women with round faces are terrified at the thought of cutting their hair shorter. However, a longer bob can be very flattering on a round face, as long as you find the right shape. The lob is a perfect example of shape done right. The collarbone is usually a great starting point for this look, elongating the neck. Round faces, as well as "baby" faces definitely benefit from the angles of a short cut.

If you want bangs, go for a choppy rendition that will cut the roundness of the face and create a slimming look. Keep them swept to the side. Blunt bangs will only make the face look more round.

lob haircut

Square Face Shape
Women with square faces have a strong jaw and their faces are generally as wide as they are long. This bob should be on the longer side to soften the hard edges of the jawline, and it can be achieved by layering around the face. Bangs generally don't work for this face shape.

To offset the harsh jawline when styling, go for an off-center part and make sure your layers are soft with plenty of texture. An extreme side part balances out the symmetry and offers a unique update to an already-versatile hair trend.

A texture spray (we recommend this one by Oribe) will be your best friend as it can give you great control without being heavy or greasy. When perfecting the look, half of the process is amplified by the perfect hair tool to control the hair without damaging it, so consider a salon-quality flat iron like Theorie's Saga Touch.

What do you think about the lob haircut? Tell us in the comments section.

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