Lobbyist Giftwrap: "As Long As The Gifts Are Small, I Don't Mind Wrapping Them In Money" (VIDEO)

Edwina Rogers, the wife of Washington lobbyist Ed Rogers, is a master of the form and has developed her own signature specialty. She wraps her thank-yous in sheets of real dollar bills, purchased from the Bureau of Engraving.

In this clip from the pilot episode of "PowerHouse"-a kind of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" show set in Washington and in development for NBC-Mrs. Rogers is shown in her "wrapping room," a special area of her walk-in closet in her 18,000-square-foot mansion.

She unfurls a roll of dollar bills and starts slicing them up to make the appropriate wrapping sheets. No matter that she slices several dollar bills in half-it is all about lining up the George Washingtons on the front.

See the video here: