Lobster Roll Recipes That'll Satisfy All Your Summer Feels

Lobster in a bun is as good as life gets.

Summer is here, and for those living in New England that means it's lobster roll season. All along the coast, from Connecticut to Maine, seafood shacks open their windows to sell lobster rolls (though you can often find them inland too). They are part of the reason the New England coastline is so beautiful.

Depending on where you're located in New England, lobster rolls are served warm, dressed in a healthy amount of melted butter (Connecticut) or served as a salad, chilled with mayonnaise (Maine). We're not going to get into the debate as to which is superior -- in our opinion they're all great because, well, lobster.

Instead, we think you should focus your energy on learning how to make them at home. It's easy, can be made anywhere in the country, and a whole lot more affordable, too.

Connecticut Style Lobster Rolls
Get the Connecticut Style Lobster Rolls recipe from Bell'Alimento
Tarragon Mayonnaise Lobster Rolls
Alexandra Cooks
Get the Tarragon Mayonnaise Lobster Rolls recipe from Alexandra Cooks
Easy Classic Lobster Rolls
The Suburban Soapbox
Get the Easy Classic Lobster Rolls recipe from The Suburban Soapbox
Brown Butter Lobster Rolls
A Better Happier St. Sebastian
Get the Brown Butter Lobster Rolls recipe from A Better Happier St. Sebastian
New England Lobster Rolls with Lemon Chive Mayonnaise
James Ransom/Food52
Get the New England Lobster Rolls with Lemon Chive Mayonnaise recipe from Sonali aka the Food Physician via Food52
BLT And Potato Chip Lobster Rolls With Peach Salsa
Half Baked Harvest
Butter And Coconut Milk Lobster Rolls
My Lavender Blues
Get the Butter and Coconut Milk Lobster Rolls recipe from My Lavender Blues
Lobster Rolls With Garlic Bread Hoagies
Cooking for Keeps
Get the Lobster Rolls With Garlic Bread Hoagies recipe from Cooking for Keeps
Poor-Man's Lobster Rolls (A.K.A. Shrimp Rolls)
Love & Olive Oil
Get the Shrimp Rolls With Brown Butter recipe from Love & Olive Oil
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