Money-Saving Alternatives To Lobster Rolls (PHOTOS)

6 Money-Saving Alternatives To Lobster Rolls

When you think of New England cuisine, one of the first things that come to mind is the lobster roll -- succulent, sweet and tender. But whether you buy lobster rolls or make them at home, the bottom line is that lobster is expensive and you don't get much bang for your buck (the ratio of meat to shell is 1:4). But we've got some ideas to remedy this.

Luckily many seafood joints that offer lobster rolls also offer other seafood substitutes to still give customers a lobster roll fix without emptying their wallets. But we're not talking about that seafood substitute surimi either. We mean the real stuff like shrimp, langoustine, crab, crawfish or scallops -- all just as tasty as lobster. In the slideshow below, get some great recipes for non-lobster rolls from around the web.

Asian Shrimp Roll

Mock Lobster Rolls

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