Recipe Of The Day: Lobster Salad

Only this shellfish can make salad exciting again.

When we think of lobster we almost always remember eating the tail dunked in a warm bowl of melted butter. It's a transformative dish, one that's hard to forget. While this is the most popular way to enjoy lobster, it isn't the only way to do lobster right. For one, there are lobster rolls. (You should eat as many as you can before the summer is over.) And then, there's lobster salad.

If there was ever an ingredient that could make the idea of salad exciting, lobster is it. And with good reason. With the right lobster salad recipe, like the one we're sharing with you below, the flavor and texture of our favorite shellfish shines. And in this case, this is done with the help of a lemon basil mayonnaise and fresh summer tomatoes.

Get the Lobster Salad with Lemon-Basil Mayonnaise and Fresh Tomatoes recipe

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