Local Church Teams Up With Duke to Help Pastor Crush Cancer

It's a rainy day in downtown Durham, NC. The sky is dark and it is a bit chillier than the 70 degree plus weather Durham had been experiencing over the last 7 days. Despite the cold and rainy weather the streets are filled with people. Just miles away from Duke University, whose mens basketball team is full force into March Madness, people of all backgrounds have come together. It's 7:30 am and although the weather is imperfect nothing is stopping today's plan, crushing colorectal cancer, or colon cancer.

Colon cancer occurs in the colon or rectum and on average the lifetime risk of developing colon cancer is one in 20. Though the odds of one being diagnosed with colon cancer may seem low there are still many lives being impacted by the disease and for many preparing for this race that impact comes from a mother, grandmother, father, brother, uncle and for one group in particular, a pastor.

Members of the River Church have always been a church that promoted healthy living but today's walk has even more meaning. Today, the parishioners were walking for one of their beloved staff pastor's "Pastor Kay". Pastor Kay has been diagnosed with colon cancer and since day one the members of the church have decided that she would not fight this fight alone. "It may be cold but my heart is warm, today is K-day," said one member as she geared up for the race." As thousands of runners and walkers gathered in attendance members of the River had already made up in their minds that today was Kay Day and it was their chance to show love and support for a pastor who had sacrificed and given so much to show love and support to them throughout their own personal battles.

As attendees prepared for the race the face of the parishioners lit up as they saw Pastor Kay preparing to begin the race with them. " We're in it to win it and crush cancer," said one smiling walker and as the race began there was no doubt that everyone in attendance had one goal in mind and that was to get one step closer to crushing colon cancer, forever.