Your Birthday Could Say A LOT About What Happens In Your Home

Open living space in modern house
Open living space in modern house

Did you know your house has its own horoscope?

Yep, it turns out the day you were born may tell a LOT about how the planets affect everything that goes down in your home. The way you decorate and the activities you perform in each room are yanked by the strong pull of the planets... if you subscribe to a practice known as local space astrology. Some may prefer more traditional home decor guidelines (like Martha's, for example), but if you're into astrology, then local space is for you. The concept is fairly simple:

Your birthday creates special, invisible "planet lines" around your house.

To find them, you'll get a local space chart based on the location of the sun, moon and planets at the time and place of your birth. If you lay this chart over the floor plan of your home, you'll find out which "planet lines" run through each room.

This means there's a planet for every room in your home.

Perhaps you'll find that the "moon line" of your chart intersects your home office. The moon is associated with emotions and family, so you might decorate your office with family photos to better channel the moon energy in the room, suggested Kita Marie Williams, author of Astrology & Interior Design.

"Knowing which lines run through which rooms can tell you how to utilize your space," Williams told The Huffington Post. "If your moon line runs through your office, you might want to start having personal, emotional conversations there instead of in another room."


Ideally, you'd center your entire floor plan around the planets. But that's almost always impossible, Williams noted. Plus, if many people live in your home, then their ideal room setup is going to be different than yours, since they have a different local space chart. Instead, learn how the planets make each room for each person below.

The planets give clues about how you behave in every room.

Take the living room for example. Maybe your Mars line runs through your family living room. Since Mars is a planet of combative energy and courage, it makes sense for you to do exercise videos in the living room or meditate there when you need a powerful boost, Williams said.

But that same room won't affect every person the same way. Perhaps your sister's Jupiter line runs through the living room. Jupiter represents scholars and action, so the living room is the ideal place for her to study.

And their auras are said to fix everyday household problems.

Of course, some planet lines may not sync well with the rooms that they intersect. This might debunk household crises like a broken computer, according to astrology expert Gloria Roca. Roca once consulted a client whose broken computer sat near her home's Neptune line. The machine likely broke down because Neptune represents slowness and blur, Roca says. Once her client added a photo of a serene mountain -- associated with the earthy and wise planet Saturn -- to the room, the computer started to work just fine.

"If we tune ourselves to our planets, we can refine their expressions in our homes," Williams said. "It's very personal."


You can decorate to your home horoscope, too.

While you can't exactly re-build your house to match with specific planet lines, you can decorate each room to "help the planets to express their best face," as Roca put it. The color red is associated with Mars, so you might choose red walls for a room that Mars intersects to help bring forth its best energy.

Flower bouquets are associated with Venus, and bookcases are Jupiterian. Add these elements to your home -- in accordance with your local space chart lines -- to experiment with local space astrology.

It's easy to find your own local space astrology floor plan.

Williams suggested leaving the floor planning to the pros, as it usually takes a special software to make a local space map of your home. But you can get a free birth chart online, which will jumpstart the process. With a little bit of know-how, you'll see which planet lines intersect which parts of your home, and you'll be able to start decorating -- and living -- according to your very own interior design horoscope.

Happy mapping!

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post stated that in local space astrology, the birth chart is laid over a floor plan of your home. In fact, a separate local space chart is needed.

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