Find Your Local Twitter Lists: The ULTIMATE Directory Of Top Twitter Users From Cities Across America

Twitter can be a great place to track breaking news, major events, and fascinating people, though first you need to know who to follow.

We want to help in that process at HuffPost by compiling the top local Twitter accounts across the United States. We're working to create the most comprehensive directory of local Tweeters nationwide.

In particular, we're looking for local Twitter users who fit in one of three categories:

-News: Local media outlets and news feeds.

-Sports: Local teams, athletes, fans, and critics (and related news).

-People: Local personalities, celebrities, journalists, and just all-around great Tweeters.

So far, we've indexed the following 50 cities. Is your city missing? Let us know. Also, send us your recommendations for the BEST local Tweeters for the above categories by dropping a note to: or tweeting recommendations with the hashtag #hufflocal.