LOFT collabs with Jessi Klein on a couple of comedy shorts

LOFT is great for women who love casual, feminine, relaxed styles, without having to sacrifice quality at an affordably price. Fall is finally here, so whether you're looking for accessories, blouses, dresses, jeans, skirts, sweaters and suits -- LOFT has it and more!

LOFT is currently doing a fun collaboration with Emmy-winning (2015), and Emmy nominee, Jessi Klein (head writer/exec producer of “Inside Amy Schumer”) for two comedy shorts. Jessi also came out with an NY-Times bestselling book of essays, You’ll Grow Out of It, this summer. Loft worked with Jessi Klein to produce two fashion videos for

  • One of the shorts depict Jessie's real life struggle to home in on what her “author style” should be now that she does promotional readings and appearances for her new book. I just love the dress and shoes she wore -- looks comfortable, casual, classy and sophisticated at the same time. To view LOFT x Jessie Klein, visit here.
  • The second short shows Jessi giving a hilarious goodbye to all the old clothes in her closet that she hasn’t worn in years now that she's a new mom. This resonates with so many working moms. It's so important to be able to look put together and wear same clothes to get down and dirty to feed and/or play with the kids. Take a look and see how Jessi comes clean in updating her wardrobe here.

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