Logan Morrison Sparks Twitter War With Photo Of Breastfeeding Mom At Nordstrom

LoMo Starts A Boob Twitter War

Miami Marlins left fielder Logan Morrison is apparently not a fan of breastfeeding in public.

On Thursday, the player and Twitter king tweeted a photo of a woman breastfeeding her infant at Nordstrom, writing, “Hey @Nordstrom nothing makes me want to spend $$ like seeing women breastfeeding in your store...”

The tweet has since been deleted from Morrison’s Twitter page, which has more than 118,000 followers.

The tweet led to a war on the social media site, including back-and-forth stabs between LoMo and a Sports Illustrated’s writer:

NBC Sports writer Craig Calcaterra was quick to point out that baseball skills have very little to do with the matter:

Look, baseball players: I’ll make it easy for you. That “you’ve never played the game” thing may have validity to it when it’s in response to a writer saying stuff about how to play baseball.

Your exalted status as professional athletes does not provide you any claim to the high ground, however, when you’re out in the world, commenting ignorantly about everyday human events. In that arena we are all equal.

However, the two were able to come to an agreement about midnight on Friday.

Morrison is known for his colorful tweets and photos, and he says he doesn’t feel the need to censor himself. However, he’s been warned.

"I'm not a dinosaur," David Samson, Marlins president, told ESPN. "But I'm not thrilled. It's very scary to me. I've told Logan, 'People are waiting for you to make a mistake. They're going to bait you on Twitter to say something inappropriate that you can never take back.'

"It takes an entire career to build a reputation, and one tweet to lose it. As long as he understands that, it's fine."

Another athlete, NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne, blew up the Twitterverse in November when he tweeted his disgust at seeing a woman breastfeeding at a grocery store.

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