Logan Square Billboards: Residents Move To Banish Signs From Neighborhood's Historic District

Story by Victoria Johnson, courtesy of DNAinfo Chicago:

LOGAN SQUARE — Two massive billboard frames hanging on the south wall of the former Grace's Furniture building in the heart of Logan Square are empty, and if more than 1,000 residents have their way, they'll stay that way.

The Logan Boulevards and the actual square just south of the building were designated a Chicago Landmark District in 2005, meaning area buildings must maintain the historic look of the neighborhood.

So when resident Andrew Schneider saw the billboard frames go up, the 33-year-old decided to fight and started an online petition to stop the billboard company from moving forward.

"No billboards have been present on the building for the last several years," he wrote in the petition. "To permit them now would detrimentally impact our neighborhood, our quality of life and our historic landmark district."