Logo's 'Beautiful As I Want To Be' Episode Three Premieres

The latest episode in Logo's new digital series elevating the stories of transgender and gender-nonconforming youth just premiered on the network's website.

Called "Beautiful As I Want To Be," the series spotlights trans or gender-nonconforming youths, individually pairing each with a leading voice in the trans community. Together they engage in a photo shoot, with the elder directing the episode's subject as they aim to capture their own version of what it means to be beautiful and authentic.

"I wanted to share with trans youth the power of visualizing an ideal image of themselves and give them the opportunity to create it," Rocero previously told The Huffington Post. The show, she said, "allows them to do that and the days spent with them felt like a family gathering -- laughing, creating and showing support. They need to know that it's possible to feel that they have support and a system that will help them make their dreams a reality."

Check out the third episode above. Missed the previous two episodes in "Beautiful As I Want To Be?" Head here.

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